Make Disciples

“The greatest issue facing the world today, with all it's heartbreaking needs, is whether those who, by profession or culture, are identified as ‘Christians’ will become disciples – students, apprentices, practitioners – of Jesus Christ, steadily learning from Him how to live the life of the Kingdom of the Heavens into every corner of human existence.”

-Dallas Willard

Grow Box

Grow Box - Is a discipleship process that is designed to help you grow as a follower of Christ; no matter where you are in your relationship with God. You can be a new believer or have walked with God your whole life.

Each custom box will have been put together by our leadership team. Each box has been prayed over; praying that God will use this material to transform your life and walk with Christ.

Our hope is that you read through and listen to the material, and use the information given to apply to your daily lives....To Become Fully Alive in Christ!

You can purchase a grow box at the "Next Steps Table".

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The Box 2.0 is specifically designed to be done in groups of 2-8 people.

Don't go alone!! #bettertogether

Radical Mentoring

Developed by Regi Campbell and adopted to fit here at Coastal. This program is a One Year process with 9 months of study and time on the front and back to process. It is meant to be done in groups of 4-10. Primarily for married but singles can get a bunch out of it as well.

Radical Mentoring: Men's Edition (Download Here)

Radical Mentoring: Women's Edition (Coming Soon)

Good & Beautiful Series

A 4 part series by James Bryan Smith on Spiritual Formation.

At the end of each chapter you’ll find an opportunity for soul training, engaging in spiritual practices that reinforce the biblical messages on your mind and heart. Because the best way to make a complete and lasting change is to go through the material in community, small group discussion questions also accompany each chapter. We encourage everyone to use 1-2 years to cover these four books. They are best done in community and slowly.

The books themselves provide the structure for the group.