still counting stars

In Genesis 15

God tells Abraham to step out of his tent and look up at the stars. Count the stars..... if you can. That's what your descendants will be like.

"That's how Gods promises work!"

We can think small but God says; count the stars.

Watch what God can do!!!


Coastal Center

(Formerly Shallotte Cinemas)

Home to

Coastal Church

Coastal Cafe'

Youth Center

Outreach Center

Coastal Cinemas (4 Theaters)

We are excited to announce that the purchase was made in cash!

Remodel will be a full tear down of inside.

Coastal Church

Future Home


Keep up to date on the progress.

  • Purchase Complete"July 2022" Double Check
  • Contractor Hired (Wade Colenman, Coleman Builders) Double Check
  • Architect Hired (Larry Schaeffer, Statesville NC) Double Check
  • Demo Company Hired (Eastern Environmental) Double Check
  • Demo Permit (Applied for and waiting approval)  In-Progress

*We hope to have demo done by years end - and permit applied for for remodel.

*Remodel to take place 2023

Join In

Help us reach our goal of raising 1.6 million dollars to complete the remodel.

Its a Joy to Give

Coming End of 2023